You’re Not My Boss…

At the risk of sounding self-serving and narcissistic I want to relate this story to make a point.

Many of the employees at the big box store where I work have known me for several years — for over a decade.

Today was an especially grueling day with a great deal of physical activity.  Many of the things I did today I really would not have “had” to do — but I wanted to do them anyway because “it was the right way to do it”.

A comment was made about the fact that I always seem to go that little bit extra and put the extra thought and touches into the daily routine tasks as well as the big special projects.

One comment had to do with “impressing your boss”.  I responded by saying, “Yes, I do want my real boss to be impressed”.

(Insert somewhat puzzled looks.)

I then explained that while I have a boss or two in the store — my REAL boss is Jesus Christ.  As his follower I have to impress him before I worry about impressing anyone else.

Jesus demands that his followers always give it their best and strive for excellence in all things.  Col. 3.23

Bosses here may accept work that is good — He wants the very best I have to offer.


So — who is your boss?   Rather, who are you trying to impress?

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