Your Story…

Tell your storyOne of the bulletin boards at Compass Christian Church is still under construction, but the plan is to make it a board which advertises and celebrates storytelling.  Telling our personal stories of Grace encounters.

A picture of an antique typewriter with the words, “Your story matters…Share it with the world“.

Churches continually struggle with the question — “How do we grow and expand?”  They buy programs, they hold seminars, they preach sermons.

These are all important and at some levels have an impact.

However, it is the simple act of storytelling that is the most effective method of reaching unchurched people with the Good News of Jesus.  Being a witness.  Talking about how Jesus has changed your walk through life.

Unfortunately many churches cannot take advantage of this method because many of their members have not had a true “life changing” experience with Jesus.

Rather, they have been converted to a form of religion, a set of pet doctrines, or a church the “meets their needs”.  They may have been church members for decades — but have never encountered the Messiah eye to eye and face to face.  Never have allowed Jesus to do the spiritual surgery required to completely reboot their worldview.

The Apostle Paul gives us his story over a half dozen times in the NT.  Every time it is the same:

  I was once a religious zealot willing to kill for my beliefs.  Then I met Jesus.  Now I am a zealous follower willing to die that others might hear the good news.

Each believer should take time to honestly seek out the Savior and decide if He makes a difference.   Each believer should take time to honestly work through what their continuing story will look like.


If I lean back in my chair and look out the door I can see the bulletin board in the Compass hallway.

Right now it is blank.   Right now our people are still coming to grips with scope and breadth of their personal stories.

Hopefully we will soon be posting pictures.   Community events.  Bible studies.  Camps.  Street canvassing.  Praying the neighborhood.  Mission trips.

Where are you going?

Where are you going with your story?

Compass is going to the Kenmore Community sharing the grace filled story of how despite our failings — God is still using us.



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