Work Arounds

Every religion has them.

Every religion has rules and regulations that define who is “in” and who is “out”.

But every religion also has their work arounds.  Those ways in which we can ignore the rule — or make the rule null and void.

Jesus pointed out one just work around in his day as he condemned the religious leaders for working around the command to honor their parents by dedicating all they had to God — thus not having anything to use in the care of aging parents.

The scripture makes it clear that the first fruits — the tithe is the Lord’s.   It notes that ignoring this principle is in essence “robbing God”.

But we have the work arounds — God wants me to provide for family first, right?   It is not a good witness to fail paying taxes so that has to be first, right?  That is an OT law and we are free from the Law, right?

And so it goes…..

But work arounds fail.   Most times when we simply find a way to avoid the principle we are really just avoiding reality.

toliet failIt works…..but is it right?

Just something to consider.

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