Work-Around mentality

workaroundWork – Around:   a plan or method to circumvent a problem (as in computer software) without eliminating it. (Merriam – Webster)

The term became popular in the early 70’s with the beginnings or the computer boom.  Software glitches were common to the early days of the computer age — and discovering ways to “work around the issue” were needed much too often.

The practice of the employing a “work – around” is much older.  In religious circles especially it has long been a common practice to find ways to work around the principles and ethics of the belief system.  For example:  OT law required a person should Honor his father and mother (which also involved caring for them in their old age).  The work around was that you dedicated all you had to God — then told your parents, “too bad, so sad, You wouldn’t want me to take what is God’s and break my promise to Him — right?!”

We click our tongues and shake our heads at this but do the same thing ourselves.  We look for short cuts to the spiritual disciplines.  We try to figure out how far we can go with actually “sinning”.  We try to figure out how little we can do and still be “Christian”.

Disciples don’t look for a work around.  As they strive to be like Christ they move as far from sin as possible and as close to the WWJD mode as they can.

Disciples don’t use God’s word as a mace to beat down others.  They use it as a mirror to see how to improve their walk with God.

What work arounds are in your daily routine?  How can the glitch be solved?

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