Why small groups?

Even if your church doesn’t have organized small groups as a recognized ministry — you have them…..

Watch the lobby or parking lot after services.

Whose is gathered in a huddle?   What families eat out together?

What groups of people get together for sports activities?

There are groups within the larger group — there are “communities” within the larger community.

The question is — Do these groups serve the purpose of advancing spiritual growth?   If not — could they?   transformational groups

Community matters.   Ed Stetzer puts forth a great case for community in the community matters — but also in his book, Transformational Groups.

The question is: what’s the primary reason for having small groups?

Transformational Groups Matter

Transformational groups matter. Small-group ministry is essential to the health of any church. These small groups take a variety of forms: cell groups, Bible studies, life groups, Bible fellowships, discipleship classes, home groups, Sunday school classes, and other gatherings that promote relationships within the community.

It’s important to note that all groups have three purposes:

All groups have a connecting function.

All groups have a formation function.

All groups have a mission function.

Even if you don’t have an organized small group ministry — you probably have groups.  Maybe it is time to begin having groups with a purpose?


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