Why Relationship?

broken soulWhy is the Christian faith so much about relationship?

God in relationship within the Godhead (Trinity).  God the Father in relationship to the Son.  The Son in relationship with the Father.

The Holy Spirit facilitating relationship between the disciple and the Father.  The Son interceding on behalf of the disciple.

Disciples called to love “one another”.

I think it is because it is not good for man to be alone — not just in terms of Adam and Eve – marriage and family, but in all things.

Alone means we carry it all ourselves.  Alone means that when it gets too heavy — we fail and get hurt.

I helped unload the freight truck at work twice this week.  I tried to move a washer down from a double stack by myself.   I did it.  I survived.  It wasn’t smart.   It could have gone terribly wrong.  That’s why there is a crew.   That’s why we help each other.   The next one was much easier with help.

And so it is in life.  Living with help and support is much easier.  Someone to share joys with.  Someone to help when things are too heavy.  Others to give perspective and warnings.   Others to intervene when our own stupidity is carrying the day.

Is your church experience simply a “row” experience.  You enter, sit in your row, and watch the professionals do the Sunday show.  Or — do you have times when you sit in circles.  When your participate.  You smile, laugh, cry, encourage, pray and play.

If not — start a small group in your circle of influence.  Begin doing life together with those around you.

Don’t hide behind a religious smile of good will and good appearances.   Become transparent and “work out your salvation” with others who are just as broken as you.

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