Why discipleship? Why church planting?

I have been asked on occasion if I think all the effort to plant churches and disciple-making amongst the upcoming generation is just a waste of time.

Christianity in America is dead – right?

I offer as evidence to the contrary the latest viral picture and believe it or not the commentary of Rush Limbaugh on this viral event.

The marine decided he wanted to have prayer for their marriage just before the ceremony — below is Rush Limbaugh’s description and part of commentary…..


 Just a photo of a Marine praying with his bride before their wedding goes viral.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “So?”

It’s so unusual.  It’s so out of the norm.  It’s so extraordinary that it went viral all over social media because you just don’t see it anymore, or you don’t hear about it.  “US Marine Cpl. Caleb Earwood wanted a moment to pray with his bride-to-be Maggie before their wedding ceremony on Saturday. Now, a photo of the couple holding hands in prayer has gone viral.

“The ceremony was about to start in Asheville, N.C., when Caleb was guided to a cabin where Maggie was preparing for the service. The couple then joined their hands around a corner to not break the tradition of the groom seeing his bride before the altar.”  He didn’t see her, he just grabbed her hand around a corner.  You love that, don’t you, Dawn? “‘They hid me in a room and he stepped up on the stairwell and he stuck his hand out and I grabbed his hand,’ Maggie Earwood told ABC News.

“Caleb prayed for the couple’s marriage, asking that their union be strong enough to serve as an example for young couples, as Maggie held back tears. ‘It broke me down,’ Maggie said, ‘to know that we felt the same way about God. It just made me happy.'”

It went viral.  What does that tell you?  I mean, seriously.  It tells me there’s a hunger for this stuff.  It didn’t go viral because the left is outraged and can’t believe it, although that might have been the reaction they had, but that’s not why it went viral.  It went viral because this is a huge positive to people.  This is a huge upper.  Here you’ve got a handsome Marine marrying the woman of his dreams, and they pray before the ceremony, but still not seeing each other, holding hands.

Oh, my gosh. This is just too perfect. And it’s an oasis in what has become a rotting, deteriorating sewer of a culture. That’s why it went viral.

Did you catch it?   Whatever your opinion of Rush is — he has make an interesting observation — our society is hungry for this type of thing….  even if they won’t admit it.

There is out there a hunger and thirst for righteousness — right living.

I’ve worked for over 10 years in an environment where most co-workers are under 40.   Many under 35.   I hear it all the time.   They may not be living “rightly” themselves — but they know something is wrong.  Something is not working.

This is why discipleship is such a hot topic right now.  This is why planting churches couldn’t happen at a better time.

When you get sick enough — you know you need a doctor.


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