Why Community?

Ever wonder why God designed Christian faith which is very personal and individual oriented to be best lived out and developed in the context of community?

No one can be saved for us, or accept Christ for us, nor can they exercise our gifts.    Personal and individualized.

Yet faith grows cold and dies outside community.  Isolation paralyzes and frustrates spiritual growth.  The best crucible for faith and discipleship to grow is withing the context of the local church.

It is because we all experience salvation and life in Christ individually and uniquely that we must grow in the context of others.

We need their input.  We need the friction of living life with others to show us the rough spots.  We need to love of others to soften the blows when we are hurt by the friction.

Community is where we learn love, forgiveness, forbearance, and the like.

Church is after all a team sport…..learn from others

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