Who or What? (revisited)

This past weekend I visited a relatively new congregation in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.   I was interested to see how they did things because the story goes how they started with 13 people a decade or so back and now — mega.

The service was typical 90’s church plant.  Fog, screens, rock style, dim house lights, fancy stage lighting.   Worship leader with tattoos.

See North Point’s parody video for a taste of what I am talking about.

This is not meant as a criticism.  I just sometimes wonder what the behind the scenes ministry looks like?  Is it all about the “show” and then very little depth?  Are those in the pews (seats, actually) really committed disciples — or just converts and attenders.  Sunday AM feel good experience then on with life till next Sunday morning?

I realize that any church of any size can be as shallow as a rain puddle (I’ve preached in several such settings)!

The question is much like the one I posted on Monday :

Are you more concerned with who you are or what you do?

In church terms — is your scorecard based on Buildings, Budgets, and Butts in the pew or is it centered in Life Change and Disciple-making?

It really isn’t a question of if the church is large or small — modern or traditional.

It is a question of who are you?  As a congregation are you making disciples who make disciples?   If not, Why not?






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