When does “Old” begin?

At what age does a person stop getting older and actually become old?

When researchers at the Pew Research Center put this old age question and many others to nearly 3,000 adults, ranging in age from 18 to well over 65, the answers were revealing. Like many other questions in life, the definition of old age depends on who you ask.

It’s no surprise that the older people get, the longer they think it takes for a person to reach old age:

  • On average, adults between the ages of 30 and 49 think old age begins at 69.
  • People who are currently 50-64 believe old age starts at 72.
  • Responders who are 65 and older say old age begins at 74.

Responses to the question, “When does old age begin?” vary by sex as well as age, with women taking the more generous view. On average, women say old age begins at age 70, according to the Pew study. Men, on average, say that old age begins at 66.

When my son was in High School he was constantly looking ahead to when I got “old” at age 55.  Some reason that stuck in his head and the closer I got the more he rubbed it in.  He ran a count down of how many years and months till the “old man” really was old.

Now that he is just around the corner from 30 and I am closing in on 60 our perspectives have changed drastically.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch some episodes of Fast N’ Loud a television show that highlights the antics of Gas Monkey Garage in the Dallas, Texas area.  In the show “old” cars are sometimes restored or simply rebuilt and recreated in something that is “new” but still recognizable as for what it is at the core.

pontiac-croppedThey recently discovered these 1967 Pontiac Firebirds.  It will be interesting to see how they are “recreated” and/or “restored”.

They are old cars.  But when the Gas Monkey crew finishes — they will be new.  Perhaps even better than new.

In discipleship sometimes we feel like we have become old.  Worn out.  No longer useful.   Time to roll us into the barn and let the dust settle.

But God is a God of Re-Creating and Restoring.   As we follow Jesus and abide in His teaching and presence we are being made over into something new and different each day.

When I allow Jesus to rebuild the engine and drive train — give me a new paint job — shore the suspension I have a new spirit – a new look.

b4_aftr truckIs Jesus daily Re-Creating in you life?

How are you being Restored by following Jesus as a disciple?


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