What are you becoming?

What you becomeWhat is the goal of Discipleship?

We are to make other disciples, yes.  We are to win the world to Christ one person at a time, yes.

But beyond that is the ultimate goal of becoming as much like our Rabbi as possible.  We are to become Christ-like.

I am often asked why as I near age 60 I am trying to complete a doctoral degree.  What do I want to do with it?  To be honest,  I am not sure.  But I also know that I like what the process has helped me do.

I have kept my mind active.  I have explored possible career choices I would never have considered before.  I am learning a lot about something (discipleship and learning) I am passionate about.

I am becoming a better disciple and pastor.  I am becoming a better leader.

There is a danger with spiritual goals.  When we reach them they can become trophies and bragging points.  “I read the entire Bible this year” — now give me credit for being spiritual.

We should set goals.  Reading the Bible in a year.  Praying for 20 minutes every morning.  Taking a short term mission trip.  All are worthy goals, but not the final end.  These goals are simply a means by which we become—–a disciple.

A better disciple.  A more Christ-like disciple.

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