We’re Number One!

Ok — it is still early in the season and there are a good many games to go…. but with the Browns prospects being what they were at the beginning of season… you have to let us die-hard Browns Fans have a little fun!   We are currently — against the odds — leading our division!

In fact — as my brother emailed me earlier in the week there is “joy along the Cuyahoga” this week that hasn’t been felt in quite a while.  Browns

Indians are in the Playoffs

Browns lead the division

THE Ohio State University Buckeyes won

The Steelers lost


Indians post seasonWhile those who are long-time NE Ohio residents know that such jubilation at being “Number ONE” is probably short-lived and maybe even a bit forced — it is something worth noting if only for a moment.

When God told His people that they were to have no other gods, except for Him.  They were not to attempt defining Him by making an image.  That they were to wear His name in a manner that was not empty or vain.  He was sending a clear message.

His desire was for RECOGNITION above all else.  If we get this right.  If we truly awake every day with an understanding of who He is ….. our day starts out as Yes, Sir. No other options required.  We will live in such a manner as to please Him without a bunch of Thou Shalt’s and Thou Shalt Not’s.
Seek first the Kingdom of God — the rest falls neatly into place…….


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