Welcome Newborn

Baby JJ / Joined the family Saturday morning 9/20/14 Grandson number 4

A new birth is usually a time of excitement and joy.  The family is filled with joy with phone calls and social media crackling with the news.

But soon after the event the work begins.  Relationships and bonding take place.  Feeding the newborn takes an immediate priority.  The care required to promote a healthy life become the focus of everyone’s attention.

Plans are made for the baby’s safety and care.  He / she is introduced to all the relatives.

But what happens when a new disciple is born?  Is there the same flurry of activity focused on a healthy and life and growth?  Unfortunately we wrap the baby in a blanket and take a few pictures then head off to life as normal.

The newborn’s parents and family will not have “normal” for awhile.  There will be constant attention required.  Frequent and regular feedings.  Relationships my require change.  Older brothers now are given new responsibilities.  Siblings have to adjust to new dynamics within the family.

Likewise should it be in the church.  Again, too often we all simply go back to “normal” with the new believer left to discover how this all works on their own, and in too many cases — left to out of the established pattern of relationships.  The “siblings” move ahead as if the new guy doesn’t even exist.

What intentional plans does your church family have in place to make sure the newborns are feed, changed, clothed, safe, and allowed to adapt in?

Something to consider……


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