Waving to those on Curb

Not everyone gets to be in the spotlight.  As Jim Putnam says – Church is a team sport.  On every team there are those who get the light squarely put on them….13907188_1103653103024819_7243051220342466880_n

The pitcher.  The QB.  The Coach.

Then there are the others, like:

3rd base coach.  The center.  The equipment manager.

No spotlight.   Rarely a mention in the news write up.  But important parts of the whole process.

Same with church.

The Preacher.  The Song leader.  The Children’s minister.   All get to share the light.

But the janitor.  The lawn mower.  The secretary.

Different story.

Look around your faith community this week.   Who fills their role every week without praise or comment?

Write them a note.   Give them some encouragement.   Maybe even buy them lunch.


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