watchingSometimes you wonder….

You live out faith as best you can on a daily basis.  Some days you feel like you did fine, some might graded a C minus, and there are those days….. well let’s just say we want to pull up the blanket and pray for another day.

Maybe you are active in trying to share faith.  Maybe — like me — it is more of a lifestyle thing.  Either way — you probably have days when you wonder if maybe you should be doing more.

Standing on a soap box and shouting….

Asking key questions over coffee in the break room….

Challenging the language or jokes…..

Reading your Bible publicly as a form of silent — “take that you heathens”….

This week a young man who I would consider a veteran “de-churched” individual quietly approached me.

He is struggling.  His lifestyle is hard-core rock and roll / alternative bands and night clubs.

But he is struggling…..

He asked me (with fear in his voice) if I believed in evil powers.   He wanted to know if there are evil and good entities at work in the world.

He shared his feelings of being continually drawn into self-destructive thoughts and patterns.  He also shared that he feels a pull from outside himself back to the positive and “goodness”.

As we talked he was relieved that I didn’t think he was crazy.  In fact I agreed that often we find ourselves in a great cosmic struggle of good vs evil.   He asked if his mother’s prayers for him could be what keeps bringing him back to the “goodness”.

He is far from believing — yet….

We will talk again…..

But I learned a couple key things in our conversation.

1.  People do watch.  They do take note.

2.  Prayers do hold evil in check.  They do have impact.

Who is watching you?

For whom are you praying?

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