Watch for Ice

FallOnIce-738120Northeast Ohio.  Early March.  Temperatures hover around 34 degrees.   Rain / Snow Mix in the forecast.

Lots of Rock Salt and Ice Melt.

Lots of treacherous sidewalks.

One fairly good-sized knot on the back of my head….

Yep!  A victim of the icy conditions I took a classic spill while spreading salt near the exit doors at work.   Feet out.  Legs spread.  Arms flailing.  Shoulders and head hit first.  The more padded parts of the anatomy follow.

After picking up my glasses and gathering what I could find of my wits I gingerly made my way back into the store.   In the break room I did inventory.   Nothing broken.  All intact.  Well — a knob was beginning to form on my head and my hand came away a bit bloodied.

Quickly finding an ice block and wet paper towels I began to administer first aid by leaning against the counter holding the ice pack on my head and drinking my coffee.

Several employees had witnessed the fall and soon were seeking me out to be sure I was OK.  Offering assistance.  Pain killers.  Ride to doctor if I wanted.  Cold drink (soft).  Cold drink (hard, but only kidding – I think?).

I was wounded.  There was concern.   They interrupted their morning to be sure I was OK .   As the day progresses I am being asked fairly regularly how I’m doing.  I can tell they are trying to look me in the eye to see if anyone is home.

How often do we in the church see a fellow disciple take a spill.

A hard spill.

And instead of rushing to aid and assist  — we gather and analyze.

We cluck tongues at how that never should have happened.

Someone with his / her experience should have known better.

We discuss ways that whole could have been avoided — while politely distancing ourselves to avoid offering help.

We see these disciples later up walking around but never “check in” on their condition.  We assume if they walk and talk they are doing fine.

I barely know some of these people at work, but they were concerned enough to ask and offer.

How many times do we see those we claim to love as a brother or sister in Christ fall and we jump to blame and condemn?

I’m fine.   I’ll be sore — but fine.

What about those in your midst who have recently fallen spiritually?   Have you taken time to quietly check in and see how they are?

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