Wasted time writing letters

Paul_prison_contentSo imagine for a moment that you are Paul:

  • A – type personality
  • Entrepreneur personality
  • Always on the go
  • Working in the marketplace by day — church work by night
  • World traveler

Then suddenly — a prisoner:

  • No more travel
  • No “new frontier”
  • No new audiences
  • No prospects
  • Same four walls
  • Same guard(s)
  • Same chains

Now what?  It would seem that the time had come to quit.  All the doors have shut.  The work is at a complete standstill with no where to go.

What can you do?  Anything?

I guess you could write a few letters to those believers left behind in the cities you have traveled through.  Maybe offer some instruction.  A few words of encouragement.  Even some admonishment for a few wayward brothers.

Not much — but better than nothing……

Paul had no idea that these “wasted” hours — the time spent writing these letters in order to simply keep his mind active and his hands busy — would impact the Christian faith and indeed the cultures of the world for hundreds and thousands of years to come.

He had no way of knowing that most of the New Testament — the rule of faith and practice for the church — would be the work of his hands.

He may have thought his ministry was over and the end was near — but God used that time to impact the world beyond even Paul’s fertile imagination.

So how are you using your time in Spiritual Prison?  Whatever it is — if it is done for God it is probably not wasted.  God uses that which we don’t expect in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

Hang in there — keep doing — no matter how insignificant it may feel.



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