Viewing God

Recently I heard a quote that was credited to Max Lucado:  “God created us in His image and often we return the favor”. 

Image_GodThe following words were recently written to the editor of one of our national newspapers:  

“How is it that, at the beginning of the second millennium, many minds can accept the fairy stories of religion? It’s hard to take any society seriously that still defers to an imaginary old man in the clouds”.

Unfortunately both Christian and non-Christian alike too often sees God through other lens than their Bible. This is not a new thing.  The religious elite in Jesus’ time also had their own images of God.  These misconceptions were part of the rationale behind the many parables Jesus told as He attempted to give them a proper image of God.

God_cosmic copWe sometimes imagine God as:

A Cosmic Cop waiting to zap us for any step outside of the lines or misbehavior

A Syrupy, Maudlin, Super Grandpa who dodders about heaven in a semi-senile state wanting his “kids” to “be nice” God_grandfather

A Cruel, Abusive, Dictator, who demands complete obedience to His every fickle whim “or else”.

So who is the God that Jesus came to show us?

In the parables of the New cloth, New wine, Lamp on a stand, and the Wise & foolish builders we are introduced to the God who is wanting to refresh and renew us — to give us guidance and a foundation for a life that has a solid foundation.

The Sower of seeds into four types of soil and the Weeds among good plants shows us the God who doesn’t force His way, but provides the guidance and principles of life for man to accept or reject.

The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and the Lost (prodigal) Son provides the picture of God as one who is constantly seeking those who are lost and misguided.

How do you see God?  In what ways have you created a God that fits into your experience, desire, and culture?

The God of scripture is a Loving and Just God who cannot tolerate sin in His presence, but seeks those in sin with every part of His being and provides the grace for bridging the gap to all who are willing to accept.



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