Value of an Old Quilt

I read a story recently that a friend wrote remembering when he was a  5-6 year old boy in Akron, Ohio.

The story remembered from that small boy’s perspective the quilters of his dad’s congregation and how much he enjoyed the lunches they served as part of the “quilting day”.  quilt

As he grew older he began to appreciate more the quilts and realized that these ladies gave the quilts as gifts to various church people whenever there was a special occasion.

Much later and long after the family had moved away he got married.  Amongst the gifts was a quilt from these ladies who used to tousle the curly hair of the 5 year preacher’s kid.

He wrote the story in 2000-2001 and that quilt was still a part of their treasured household items.  I suspect it still is.

Too often we belittle the things we do in service.  We give gifts or words of encouragement.  We write a note or perform an act of kindness and never think of it again.

We may never realize the value of these acts or the impact they make.

So continue in the daily routine of doing good.  A cup of water.  A kind word.  A helping hand.

For when you do it unto one of the least of these…….

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