Updated Operating System

Purchased a new laptop the other day.  laptop

I’ve had a small “netbook” for years that served as the backup unit if someone was using the larger 15″ model.  Problem is — it runs on Windows XP.  Between the age of the unit and the lack of support for the XP / OS — it was time to get another backup unit.

I had played a bit with Windows 8 in the store and figured the move from my current Windows 7 model would be simple —

Sort of.

Actually it wasn’t too bad.  After a few false starts I started getting onto the process, as well as the keystrokes required, to customize and personalize the system.  I am learning to use the new laptop and how to import some of my often used files and applications.

However — I am -at this moment – using my Windows 7 unit to write these posts.  Quicker — easier — more familiar…….

I haven’t given up on the new model — just didn’t need that challenge right now.

But I will learn!

I know it is needed and I am committed to making it work.

update availableWhen you see a new disciple struggling to grow and get the new “Christian Lifestyle” right…have some patience.

They are learning a new operating system.  Some things are natural and familiar, other things are totally new.  The whole changeover often takes some time and getting around the learning curve.

Sometimes it is simpler and easier to revert back.  They know changes have to come — but sometimes it is hard to make the effort “right now”.

I keep wondering if I know someone who has made the transition from XP to 7 to 8 successfully?  Is there someone who could help me learn the new process more efficiently and without so many false starts?

Perhaps there are some young disciples around you who are thinking the same thing.

Instead of watching them flounder and struggle –it is time to step in and offer some help, some guidance, a bit of advice or support.

All new systems take time and can be challenging — likewise the switch from worldly to godly.

Are you offering only criticism — or good tech support?


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