Twisted Theology

IMG_2375Not very solid theology is it?

Yet it is somewhat typical of how we often view forgiveness.

Andy Stanley often speaks of the false concept of filling our sin bucket — then going to confession (for Catholics) or praying and confessing our sins to God (Protestants) and moving on……

Like God didn’t already know.

Like God see what we did and somehow we have pulled a fast one on Him by following the magic formula of pray for forgiveness and all is erased.

Instead we are called to a holy and sanctified relationship with God.  A discipleship relationship — one in which we are continually seeking to learn and grow closer to the ideal.  Growing more and more Christlike.

Too many Christians are content to live in whatever manner they please —  pushing the “reset” button (forgiveness) — gambling that the sin bucket won’t be too full at the time of death.

How much more exciting and wonderful to live daily in a grace filled relationship with God – continually focused upon doing his will and following the example of Christ in all things?

Christ put it this way:   I have come to give you life – life more abundantly!

Have an abundant life dear disciple!


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