“I can’t do anything right”, I said ruefully.

“Sure you can, Mike”.

“Not like you, Pop.  You could build a whole city if you wanted.  I can’t even mix the cement.”

Pop thought for a moment before he spoke.  “God gave me a toolbox, Mike.  He gave you one too.  But he didn’t give us the same one.  You understand?”

Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs fame) records this conversation with his grandfather in the September, 2013, issue of Guideposts magazine.  mike Rowe

In the article he relates how his grandfather was the handyman of all handymen and capable of building and repairing almost anything.

He relates how he was “Pop’s apprentice” and learned a great deal from his grandfather and parents — not the least of which was the lesson above.   God has gifted all us differently and the key is figuring out what tools we have and how to best use them in the name of Jesus.

“I considered a world without men like Pop. (Mike relates this after having his plumbing repaired while living in California.)  What would civilization look like without them?  If a TV host (which Mike was at the time) calls in sick, life goes on.  But if our tradesmen don’t report for work, things fall apart.  Literally.”

And so we have the beginnings of the show Dirty Jobs.

So fellow disciple:  What gift or tool is in your toolbox?  Mike learned that his ability to talk to other people, be in front of camera and be somewhat inept with tools all served him well.

Are you looking at another disciple in a ministry you would love to do and wishing…..

Maybe God has given you a different set of tools to do something grander — or at least more important to His Kingdom?


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