Tomato Ketchup smoothies

Knowledge — Jesus commanded us to make disciples Knowledge_wisdom_Philosphy

Wisdom — working to incorporate disciple-making into the church’s DNA and culture

Philosophy — Coming up with theological theories on why disciple-making as found in the NT testament is out of date and unworkable in today’s culture.

OK — what I put out there may not be the best analogy or application of the graphic, but there is something to the distinctions as presented.

Ask almost anyone with a church background if discipleship is important and they will say, “YES!! Of course it is”.  Ask them to define what it is and you enter the realm of tomato as fruit vs vegetable.  Everyone has an opinion, but often they don’t understand the exact characteristics.

Is a disciple one who is biblically and theologically schooled or is a disciple one who is actively following Jesus as best they can?

Fruit or Vegetable?

Then you have the philosophers who will argue that discipleship has taken on totally new meanings in today’s world and being “like Jesus” or “Christ-like” is a concept that has outlived it’s usefulness.


Able to define discipleship in Jesus’ terms (one who follows and has taken on His yoke — act, think, and be as He is).

But not only able to make the distinction, but is wise enough to use the definition properly.  To be a “fisher of men”.  Wise enough to grasp that at some point they were Called by Christ, they are being Changed by walking with Christ, and they have Committed themselves to the mission and ministry of calling others to Jesus so they too can be changed.  — Matthew 4:19




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