To Die For

Noah got completely plastered.

Jacob was a liar.

Moses was guilty of murder, or at best manslaughter.

Rahab was a prostitute.

David had an affair and arranged to cover it up by ensuring the death of her husband.

As we move within six months of launching the new congregation in Akron, Ohio, the process of recruiting launch team members has begun in earnest.

It has been an interesting process.  One potential member seemed very interested and excited about our vision and plan.  They listened with great attention to the presentation.

When the question of joining the team was broached they suddenly wilted.  With a sad expression this individual softly refused.

Okay — but why?   What reason lies behind the refusal?

With shuffling feet and downcast eyes they repeated the simple refusal – “I can’t”.

I didn’t want to press, but I had really thought this was a good fit for our team.  Again I questioned if there was a reason that we might be able to overcome.

At this point the potential team member softly admitted to have a “sketchy background”.   He admitted to having been quite the rounder in years past and his belief that he couldn’t possibly be of use in such a significant endeavor.  to die for

As we began to talk further it was apparent that this person firmly believed that the grace of God had saved him.  But somehow his past disqualified him from any type of meaningful service.

So we began to talk about various Bible characters and their character flaws.

Despite the issues of their past — God used them.  Noah, Jacob, Moses, Rahab, David …. just to name a few.

When God saves the past is no longer an issue.   God is a firm believer in new beginnings and great futures.

Don’t allow past mistakes to short circuit a great future.

You are good enough to die for — you are good enough for God to use.

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