Time Out — Need Some Fun

Reposting from a few weeks back:   Hope you are having some good times and opportunities to laugh….

C. Hahlen 10/2016


I need a good laugh.

I don’t want to say that I am complaining.  It is just that things seem to be crumbling.  Not falling apart — just a few crumbs around the edges.

merry heartThings aren’t going well in several areas — not terribly — just a bit frustrating and depressing.

I know Jesus laughed.  Anyone who has spent time with a group of men for more than a day knows that things get funny very quickly.

Jesus and the disciples must have laughed.

So today I have decided to do something extremely spiritual.  I am watching YouTube videos from several Christian comedians.  I need to get some study done.

I need to do some church administration stuff.

My “To Do” list is huge.

But I need a laugh.   I need some fun.

So today — for a while — we are laughing and enjoying ourselves.


Wherever you are and whatever you are doing — take some time to laugh.  Have some fun.   https://youtu.be/UP50ISr7KXc




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