Time for a Shameless Plug!

Time for a shameless plug.

We see them all the time on TV — our favorite actor / actress is doing a guest appearance on our favorite show or is a guest on the popular morning show and — guess what! — they have a book or movie to plug.

Self promotion.   At times it is necessary.

Today it is necessary.

Where are you going?
Where are you going?

Compass Christian Church / Kenmore is set to launch in the spring.

Palm Sunday – March 20, 2016 –  to be exact.

As this summer winds down we have reached the point where myself as Lead Planter and Preaching Minister have more to get down with the church than there are hours in the day — especially as I am working 40 hours per week at a “secular” job.

A large commitment of $3000 per month toward salary and benefits has been made.  That is SO CLOSE to being enough to quick the secular and go full-time planter.

But not quite enough.

That’s where you come in….

Does the congregation you serve have a heart for mission work and evangelistic efforts?   Do you have a heart for such things?

If so I really would love to talk with you and / or them about what possibilities there are for you and / or them to help launch this church.

We need three things:

1.  Prayers

If you would like to join my group of prayer warriors who receive a weekly list of prayer needs connected with this work — get me your email address.   Click the link and send me your info.   Prayer Partner.

Each weekend a one page list will be emailed to you outline the most current needs.

2.  Bodies

This late summer and fall we will be doing some remodeling and cleaning of the building and grounds.  We have been given a church building that is great shape — but needs some TLC and updating.

How about a youth mission trip for a long weekend?

Maybe a church mission trip for a few days?

Akron / Canton / Cleveland has some great attractions and wonderful hotels of varying price ranges.   Consider a trip to take on a project as a youth group or church.

How about a Leadership Retreat the incorporates a day of service?

If you are more local — a one day mission project could be a wonderful experience for you and for us both!

We would love to have you come visit!

3.  Dollars

As we approach the end of 2015 maybe you have some charitable giving that you need to do for tax purposes.  Perhaps you give to missions on a regular basis?

Maybe you would consider giving up a couple trips to Starbucks or McDonalds in order to send a monthly gift to Compass?

Does you church support missions?  Are they looking at the budget for 2016?  Maybe you have a commitment to a mission that is ending — why not allocate that money to the new work in Kenmore?

If you would like to talk with or meet with me about your individual gift — or with your church leadership about supporting Compass — please email me!   KenmoreOffice@att.net.  

Bottom line — I need your help and support. 

Prayers most definitely!

With physical help — much appreciated!

Financial — as God has blessed you.




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