Tim Harlow — Mission Impossible

I love books.  I read a good many throughout the course of my life — everything from fiction to repair manuals.

The fiction is fun.  Some repair manuals are “fun” — in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Books about church health and church growth are my favorites.  Although I have to be honest.   Most of them aren’t anything I would call timeless.  They may speak to a situation, or a particular time or trend.   Seldom are they ones that I would say – but this — read this — keep this — reread this often.

Life on Mission is one of those rare books.  LIFE-ON-MISSION-BOOK-ICON-227x300 Tim Harlow in this book outlines the basics of what it means to fulfill the Great Commission in a manner that is fun, funny, honest, and challenging.

It isn’t about converts.  It isn’t about proving the Bible true.  It isn’t even about doctrine.

It is about honestly sharing with those in our world the value that Jesus has brought to our lives.

He outlines that in terms of Connecting, Serving, Sharing, Growing, and Prayer.

Harlow’s book is a fast read.  It is a refreshingly fun read.  He is open and honest about some the ridiculous ideas we fall prey too and he isn’t afraid to poke fun at church, preachers, himself, and evangelistic programs.

You need to read this.   Most of what it says you probably already “know”.  In this book Tim Harlow has found a way to see some this knowledge from a new angle which moves it from the head toward the heart.       Check out TimHarlow.com .   Get the book.  Enjoy the book, but most of all — apply the truths there to your life and witness.

Tim Harlow
Tim Harlow

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