Thou shalt — take a day off

In the post on Wednesday I talked about keeping your tank full.  I also ended that post mentioning that this is related to God’s command about the Sabbath.  First — we need to clarify one thing right up front.  Sabbath is not another word for Saturday.  Sabbath is the name for a day of rest.  A day of rest is something we all need — and are in fact commanded to observe.

Sabbath cartoonOriginally this was a command given to a people and culture that only knew work 7 days a week as a matter of survival.  If you rested — you died.  Or at least hurt your income and food production.  The command was given as tangible means of showing God’s people that they needed to trust him.  Work six days, trust the seventh to me says God.

Manna came every day except on the Sabbath.  It wouldn’t keep if you try to store it.  On day six double manna and it would miraculously survive for day seven.  Days one through five — don’t even try to hoard or store up this stuff.  God was saying — trust me.

Most of the Ten Commandments are short and concise.  The one about the Sabbath is lengthy and explained fully.  NO ONE works on the Sabbath — no exceptions.   Why?  Because this was a big deal to God!

Also — why is taking a day off number 4?  Number 1 — I am your God.  Number 2 — don’t put me in a box.  Number 3 — don’t do dumb stuff and say it was my idea.  Number 4 — take a day off?  Seems out of place.  But if you get this right.  If you learn to stop and fill up your tank on a regular basis and trust that God has the production for that time covered — the others work out.

If I trust God – why steal?   If I am full and taking time to trust God my relationships should work out, so why commit adultery?   Why lie — I trust God to make the truth work.  Etc and so on.

So fill your tank.  Take a breather.  Hit the hammock.  Go for a walk.  Goof off for 24 hours.  It could be the most spiritual thing you do.

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