Think / Act / Be

randy frazeeRandy Frazee who preaches at Oak Hills in San Antonio, Texas, has used the three words:  Think / Act / Be to describe the discipleship process for years.

He is onto something.   In fact Zondervan is promoting a new church study program based on this concept.  believe kit

The basic idea is that we start off learning to Think like Jesus.  Doctrine.  Who is God?  Who is man?  What is the relationship between the two?  What can man do?  What has God done?

Act like Jesus.  Follow Him in terms of worldview and lifestyle.  Begin to do the things Jesus did and to follow His example as best we can.  Love.  Forgive.  Compassion.

Pretty soon we start to become Christ-like.  Be like Jesus.  What was once something we had to work at becomes habit.  It becomes natural to think of others first.  To refuse to hold a grudge.  To show compassion and grace.

At Oak Hills they intentionally review these three areas in the preaching plan every year — maybe not overtly — but it is there.

As a disciple this should be part of our ongoing quest.  To stop and review every so often.

How did Jesus Think?   How did Jesus Act?   Have I gained any ground in the quest to Be like Jesus?  book think act be

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