There is “fun” in dysfunctional

Reposting:   Hope you find it encouraging….  C.Hahlen   10/2016

A while back I interviewed a young man concerning the work we are doing just outside the inner city.

This isn’t a criticism of him – but since he came from a very upper end suburban church and had only very successful mid to large size churches on his resume I was skeptical about his ability to work in our settimg.

Average family income in the low 30 k range

Most kids in school on public assistance.

Multi-generational families.

Mixed race marriages.

Mostly blended families.

Almost non existent church budget.
He could learn to work here.  I know – it was a learning curve for me.

However he asked a telling question during the interview.   “Why would anyone want to work there or live there? ”


Same reason a Samaritan stopped to help and injured Jew.

Same reason Paul went to Corinth and Rome.

Same reason God.emptied himself and came to live in our neighborhood.

Those cool churches do a lot of cool things I would love to do.  But we cannot.

We can however hug a 2 year old who constantly calls me Papa (I am a PaPa just not his).

We can however offer free lunches for kids and have spiritual conversations with their Dad.

We can offer the parking lot as a safe place to learn how to ride a bike.

I didn’t hire him.  I wanted to.   Mainly since he needed to learn the fun side of dysfunctional communities.

Maybe he will see these people with God’s eyes as he matures.

I pray he does.

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