The Hug

Yesterday was one of those days.  You know the type.  Long and tiring.  Off to work early where the day was hectic and demanding.  Came home and made a ministry coaching call that was very emotional and mentally challenging.  Then worked on a project that was very intense as well as being completely outside my comfort zone and skill set.  Going on 12 hours straight at this point it was time to go over to my daughter’s house to help hang curtain rods and art work in a remodeled bedroom.

Both physically and mentally done in — I dropped onto the couch with my feet up on the ottoman waiting for my wife to finish gathering her stuff to leave.  From across the room the six year old grandson smiled and with a twinkle in his eye came running over to jump into my lap as he smothered me in what passes for a bear hug coming from one so small.  For almost a full minute we hugged — no words — just sharing the closeness of each other.

As I began the day today I began to wonder if what I felt during that hug is anything like what God feels when we remember to stop and simply praise Him in gratitude for nothing more than His presence.   After a long day of holding the universe together and answering countless prayers — after hours spent watching over the poor, the helpless, and the fatherless — after spending His time caring for several billion people (not all of whom really get it or appreciate it) — does God desire nothing more that to see us smile and run to Him with gratitude.  Does He feel His heart swell with love on the rare occasions when we come to Him wanting nothing more than feel His presence and His arms around us?   Does He take pleasure in returning the hug loving the fact we love Him?

I think He does.  Maybe we should stop and enjoy Him more often?

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