The Cup has to Go!

IMG_20140601_115834_471I love this coffee cup.  It was a gift.  A gift from a participant in a retreat that has a very special place in my heart.

When I see this cup or use it I am always reminded of a great weekend.

However — the Cup has to GO!

There really isn’t anything wrong with it — for the most part.  It looks good, no cracks, holds the coffee or tea.

It is a nice size and fits well on the coaster I normally use.

But still — the Cup has to GO!

You see there is one small problem.  Even though normal use of this cup is of no danger and it is one that has a definite heart-felt attachment — it is a danger.

I cannot explain exactly what the problem is — it is just that if you microwave the cup full of some cool coffee or some water to make tea — it is dangerous.

The handle gets hot.  Not just warm as in uncomfortable — HOT!   Like blisters on my thumb, index finger and middle finger hot.   It just gets unbelievable.

Sad thing — I knew this.  I have been burnt before.  Not as badly — but burnt.  We have talked about getting rid of it, but sentimental attachment was too strong.

Now — the Cup has to GO!

Sometimes in our spiritual journey we have coffee cups like this one that are OK — normally.  We know they pose a danger.  We know they can harmful in certain circumstances, but we hang on anyway.

It might be a relationship, a club we attend, a person we know, a website, a situation — lots of things….. they are OK normally — it is just that rare occasion when our guard is down  and WHAM!  We get burnt.

Jesus said something about an eye or hand that offends you ….. get rid of it.  The risk is too great.

The Hebrew writer talks about casting aside the sins which easily hold us back.

We love these things.  They are part of our lives.  But to grow closer to God and continue our journey we KNOW that we must bite the bullet and throw them aside.

But it is hard.

My Rooster Cup is in the dishwasher.  My wife and I agree it Has to GO!

But will it?   Am I willing to run the risk of injury again?  Guess we’ll have to see.

In your life — the Cup has to GO!  Be brave!

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