The Count down…..

holiday_bonus_NSH 304It starts.  Well actually, it has started.  For those of us in retail the Christmas season began to raise it’s ugly (to some) head right after Labor Day and by now most retailers are in full swing with Christmas prep.

Our family has been involved in church and / or retail for so long that for us the actual week of Christmas is a bit of an anti-climax.

Others who don’t have to launch into Christmas mode this early will be doing their fall and Halloween stuff for a few more weeks then — Christmas.

Bah Humbug!

Yet a couple years ago I heard a great sermon preached on a Sunday between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The preacher was making the point that good retailers are prepped and ready to cash in on the Christmas boom (especially Black Friday) and it isn’t by accident.  There has been planning and preparations — everything is being or has been put in place — so that every opportunity can be taken during this time of heightened interest and desire to shop.

So what about the prep and planning to reap a harvest of new disciples during this time?  We often joke about the C&E attenders (Christmas and Easter), but do we do any work toward cashing in on our friends’ and neighbors’ heightened interest in the church and matters of faith? 'Easter coming so soon after Christmas has almost turned Anthony into a regular churchgoer.'

Are we ready?  Are we praying?  Shouldn’t we “target” a few people we really want to reach and make a special effort to expose them to the gospel during this season?

As churches are we simply filling the calendar with expected activities — or are we strategically and intentionally planning for the visitors and semi-annual attendees who will enter our buildings in December?

Just something to consider as we move into Fall…… Are we filling our back rooms with materials needed to make December our best harvest yet?

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