The Cos….far from finished

Bill CosbyOne of the first introductions to stand-up comedy I encountered early in life was the work of Bill Cosby.

His take on NOAH is still classic.

He is funny man.  And his thoughts on life are amazingly insightful and often helpful.

Recently I was channel surfing and hit on the last segments of a special on Comedy Central that featured Bill’s latest foray into the comedy world — his “far from finished” tour.  far from finished

It was really good.

The segment I really got a kick out of was when he talked about friends and wives.

He took issue with those who say my wife is my best “friend”.  In a way only he could do it —  he proceeded to show through a hilarious series of stories that wives are beyond friends.   They have a deep and lasting impact on the lives of the men they choose as a spouse.

The relationship is different.   This got me thinking about some of the teaching and preaching I have heard recently.   All about our friend — Jesus.  There is even an old hymn which ends “he’s my friend”.

But should He be a “friend”?   Maybe, but looking at the disciple relationship I see more use of words like Master, Lord, King…..

The Cos contends that while friends are important and fill key roles — the wife — the spouse — is a relationship that is unique and special.

When Paul tried to show the special relationship of Christ and His church he talked about marriage.  The church is the bride of Christ.   It is a special relationship.

I don’t know if this really says it — but as I think on it I keep coming back to this phrase:

Friends influence us.   Spouses impact our lives at the very core.

Is Jesus a friend — or a spouse?

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