That’s Special

60's musicRecently in a moment of boredom and fatigue I simply turned on the TV and starting “surfing”.

I tumbled on an unexpected surprise.  It was a PBS fund-raiser show, but the content was a broadcast of a live show recorded in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was a showcase of a multitude of singers from the 50′ s and 60′ s.  It was amazing to see (hear) how well this performers from a time long gone could still bring the hits.

In a interview with one star (who REALLY looked his age!) He made a comment that struck me.  The gist of his comment was —

I get told all the time how well I can sing.  Over the years it has been said way too often.  What moves me is when someone says “Your song touched me.”  “Your song helped me get through Viet Nam.” “Your music constantly reminds my wife and I how we fell in love.”

That’s what means something to me.  That’s why I still do these shows.  When you touch someone’s life – that’s special!

For the disciple — the church leader — the preacher —  it should always be the same.

People will constantly tell you how great the sermon was, or how wonderful your service is.

What really has substance is when you touch their lives.  When the witness you carry of Christ and His grace impacts a life — that has eternal consequences.

That’s Special!

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