Leaning against my computer is an envelope from the county.

Jury Summons / Dated Material Enclosed summons


Actually I have mixed emotions.   I really don’t have the time, yet I am intrigued.  I love mysteries.  I love courtroom drama literature, TV and movies

So while I could do without the hassle — I kinda want to see how this all plays out.

Guilty or not?   Could be interesting.

Part of the excitement and drama is not knowing till the last moment which way it will go.   Should we take a deal early on?   Take our chances on the jury’s opinion?  Plead guilty and avoid the whole trial?

With our faith we remove the drama.   For the one who is disciple of Jesus and in a grace relationship with him there is no drama — no question.

When the case is heard the verdict is predetermined.   NOT GUILTY.  NO PENALTY.

Now there’s some good news!

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