Charles grew up in Minerva, Ohio.  He was raised in what  was a typical church setting, in some respects, however he discovered later that First Christian Church in Minerva was not as typical a small town church as one might think.  Statistically, it  was a larger church and it was providing many opportunities and experiences other churches would not, or could not, offer.

His parents, who were lay leaders in the church, strongly believed in showing hospitality to the many Christian missionaries, preachers, or church workers who visited their congregation and needed a warm bed and a meal.  Because of this Charles and his brother Mark met many of the “movers and shakers” of the church world who passed through the doors of First Christian and were invited to share in their parents’ hospitality.

LCC Mission Revised 1300  In 1972 Charles went to Johnson Bible College (now Johnson University) in Knoxville, TN, with dreams of becoming a professional church musician.  What Charles calls a lack of “patience and talent”, combined with God’s leading, found him filling in to preach for a friend one weekend in the Virginia panhandle.  He had preached at least once back home, but this experience sealed the deal.  He changed majors and set out on a path of teaching and preaching that God had in mind all along.

Charles married a hometown girl, Connie, in 1975, and was ordained into the ministry at First Christian Church, Minerva, in 1976.  Over the years Charles and Connie have enjoyed several full-time ministries, many interim ministries, working with church camps, a campus ministry, and sharing Jesus with those they meet.  They have two grown and married children and four grandsons.

During the past 38 years Charles has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Johnson University with majors in Bible and Theology and a Master of Arts from JU with a specialty in Preaching and New Testament Exposition.  He currently is in the dissertation phase of a Doctor of Education degree from Capella University.   This degree has a specialty in Leadership and Management.  His dissertation is focusing on church renewal through the use of Relational Discipleship principles.

Charles is currently working as the Lead Planter and Preaching Minister for Compass Christian Church – Kenmore.  Compass is a new church being planted in the Kenmore area of Akron, Ohio.  Launch date is March 20, 2016.




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Called, Changed & Committed: Mark 4:19

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