Stepping Back – Appreciating Others

Early in my faith journey I tended to be very exclusive.

There were those whose theology aligned perfectly with mine and all the others who were wrong.

Since then I have come to appreciate the many expressions of faith to be found in the Christian world.

I still think I am right — I just don’t immediately dismiss everyone else.

One past friendship ended over differences of faith.  The exact words were:  “You’d better change your mind friend, or learn how to lie”.  mind change

Over the years I have come to see that those of differing faith journeys are not the enemies.  All who proclaim Christ as Lord are on my side of the battle.   We can have friendly discussions and debates over the theological differences — but still focus the battle outward instead of “eating our own”.

With that — I give you a recent article from The Daily Beast that I found refreshing and challenging.

A pop culture icon — talking openly about faith.   We may or may not match up theologically, but we have to appreciate that someone with his voice is saying:  Faith Matters.

Steven Colbert — new Late Show host:

Colbert_screen shot


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