Stay on the conversational bus…

“How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training” by Michael Cheshire – has some great insights.  I think I pulled over a dozen quotes and will probably go back for more.

I have had many discussions in recent days with people on all sides of the LGBT debates.  Cheshire’s comments below pretty well sum up may personal belief about how disciples and the larger church community should approach the debate….rainbow flag

“why can’t we have our beliefs and gay people have theirs without a political war? We need to stay on the bus and in the conversation with everyone. When we create a hostile world for people, how can we ever convince them of the real love God has for them?”

As Andy Stanley and others note quite often — we cannot expect non-Christian people to act like Christians.   We are called upon to keep the communication open and honest.  Standing for our personal belief — but not dismissing the person who doesn’t agree.

Much the way that Jesus did when he traveled this earth.

I am friends with many people who don’t believe what I do.  I don’t believe all they do either.  Yet the door is open and communication takes place.

Grace is the word that comes to mind.  We as disciples are to be living “gracefully” but at the same time proclaiming truth whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Easy to do?   Not hardly…..

But essential.

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