Squirrel proof

We have a bird feeder that hangs just outside our picture window on the west side of the house. We have tried a couple different styles, but seemed to always wind up feeding the neighborhood squirrels instead of the birds.  The birds might get a few quick bites, but the squirrels would arrive and empty it within minutes.

Then I found it.  It was a long slender tube with small holes for the seed to come out.  The overall design appeared to be one that the squirrels would find challenging.  The manufacturer’s tag proudly proclaimed that this was what I had been looking for.  This design was squirrel proof.

We filled it with seed and hung it up.  After a few weeks of careful observation we determined that this indeed was the one we were looking for.  The squirrels arrived and tried.  They also left frustrated.  In fact we sort stop looking for the squirrels.  When they did arrive in the tree we would laugh and say, “that one hasn’t gotten the word yet”.

Then this guy arrived.  squirrel feederI watched him for about an hour as he tried various strategies and approaches.  He fell often.  He swung upside down.  Then he tried the daring.   He jumped.  Simply launched off the branch and hoped to find a grip.   The feeder is hung on a bungee cord so he got quite a ride.  In fact after about 15 seconds of bounce and swing — he fell.  But he immediately ran up the limb above the feeder and launched again.  He hugged the feeder for about 20 seconds until it stopped swinging.  Then he ate.  He lost his grip, but he also knew he was on to something.   When the picture was taken he had hung and eaten for almost 30 seconds.

So — it isn’t impossible.  All his friends told him it couldn’t be done — they had tried and failed.  But this guy had faith.  And one snowy Saturday afternoon — it worked.  A leap of faith.  A leap into the unknown.  And it worked.

Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son.  It seemed ridiculous and totally opposed to what God had promised.  But he took the leap.

John the Baptist was born to parents who were beyond the age — but with God — well the baby bump was definitely not imagination.

Mary was told as a virgin she would also notice all the signs of pregnancy, and indeed would have a son.  A son conceived by the Holy Spirit.  Impossible?   Well — apparently not.

As we approach the heart of the Christmas season I would challenge you to take a good look at what God is putting before you.  The other squirrels are telling you “No way!” and the advertising says “squirrel proof”.

Jump and hang on!!!!!!!


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