Something Good… even when things are bad.

IMG_20140618_061744_829-2This past week was a tough one.  We had so much rain.  So much rain that what was once my back yard became…..a lake.

I have a “sunken” patio that filled up with water from this lake (as it ran under the deck) and then it flowed through the patio doors into the family room.  I will save you all the detail but suffice it to say we spent about 30 hours drying out, throwing out, and ripping out.   The family room carpet was the biggest loss.

Tired and discouraged I came down into the lowest level of the house where the laundry and my son’s old bedroom are.  They got wet, but not as bad as the family room.  My son and his older sister were going through some of the things he had left there and reliving memories.

I suddenly had a 15 year flash back.  They were teens again — halfway fighting — halfway bonding — joking and poking — good-naturedly giving each other a hard time.

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with life and the disasters that sometimes come our way.  But the disciple who has cultivated the kind of relationships that the church is designed for — that “brother/sister” type of love and relationship will always be able to have that moment of joy in the midst of pain — in the face of discouragement and weariness.

It was a new and interesting perspective on being “Brothers and sisters in Christ”.


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