So easy to fall by the wayside

Normally these posts are sketched out in notes throughout any given week, then written and scheduled during the weekend.
Today as I was driving along completing some errands I suddenly remembered…. no post. 
I will do it later
….and suddenly it is Monday and NOTHING….

The temptation was tonjust say forget it.
The temptation was to make Wednesday’s post “killer”.

The reality is that it is just such “putting off” that brings about our falling away – our allowing the spiritual disciplines to erode – allowing doing those “good works” we are called to to slide…..

Before long we are wondering why the fire is dying,  why the spark of our spirituality is dim.  


Busyness.   Hurried life.  Lack of margin. 
That’s sometimes all it takes for our faith to fall by the wayside. 

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