Skip Church 

Based on my upbringing this was a hard concept for me to grasp.   Our family was pretty much at the building anytime it was open.   Sometimes even before it opened.  (Dad loved being early)   

Missing a church service was almost an unforgivable sin.  Not complaining.  This devotion to our local congregation is a vital part of life and something every believer should nurture.   

At the same time I really think part of what Jesus was saying in the Good Samaritan parable was that the priest and temple worker were so organizationally oriented they totally missed ministry.

Indeed Jesus taught that it was better to abandon the sacrifice and temple proceedings than to allow them to delay an opportunity for growth through mending broken relationships.   

Should we skip church?  Probably not habitually.   But the occasional Sunday morning praying in the mountains or having brunch with a potential disciple is just a pleasing to our Father.   

Be at church whenever possible.  But also don’t by pass a ministry moment that may not occur again. 

(By the way — Happy 41 st wedding anniversary to my bride.)  

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