Sight Unseen 

I had over 20 years experience in full time ministry plus a fairly good stint in part time ministry under my belt and the idea of full time church planter seemed “doable”.   It still does.  But now I see how much I didn’t see.   I know now what I don’t know.   

You could easily put in 80 hour weeks.   I have already. 

You can easily lose track of family and your own well being.   I have been close.   

Faith means moving ahead without knowing where it is going.   It isn’t a blind walk.   It is a walk firmly rooted in what is known.  God loves me.   My family loves me.  Success is giving it the best effort with all priorities in order.   

Not buildings or budgets or butts in the pew.   Staying right with God means success.    

How do you define success?  

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