Serving while Suffering

sufferingservant 2This past week we completed my wife’s chemotherapy treatments.  Every third Thursday throughout the summer found us in a cubicle at the cancer center downtown.  We were soon on a first name basis with most of the nurses and assistants in the unit.

In celebration and as a thank you to the crew we brought in an Edible Arrangement to be shared amongst the group.  We also brought a box of chocolate dipped fruit items in for her doctor and the doctor’s assistant.

As various members of the cancer center unit discovered the goodies in their lounge they would make their way out to our cubicle to say thank you and express the joy this gift brought to their day.

When the doctor came in to speak with my wife she asked me to follow her over to her office to meet with her assistant to schedule a follow-up MRI.   As we walked she told me about what a trying day it had been and noted that our gift had been a high point in her day and brought her and her assistant a great deal of joy.  A similar conversation followed as I talked with the assistant about the MRI schedule.

One of the podcast sermons I listened to earlier in the week spoke about the fact that sometimes our suffering is an opportunity.  Sometimes God may delay the healing in order for us to have the privilege of sharing and serving.   As we left the hospital on Thursday we both commented on how we never would have met or been able to share our faith with these folks without the tumor.  God could have shrunken the tumor within the first few days of the diagnosis — but instead we suffered through the weeks of Chemotherapy and had many conversations about faith and courage.

What is the suffering in your life that God may be using?

Are the delayed healing in your family could be the chance God is giving you to speak for Him?

Jesus was the ultimate suffering servant — are we following his example.





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