Service in His Name

20141004_081132It was amazing to witness.

Our church does a clothing swap twice a year.  You donate children’s clothes — then on pick up day you can “shop” for the same amount of items.  On pick up day those who have donated clothes are given first chance for about 2-3 hours.  Then it is open to the public to come pick whatever they want.  Many of these people then come back next time as donors.  And so it grows.

First time – about 300 pieces of clothing.  This time — about 15,000 and perhaps 150 families touched.

20141004_081256Jesus told us via his words in Matthew 25 that we are called to help those without clothing, without food, those who are in prison.

We are to give a cup of water in the name of Jesus.

It is too easy in the modern American church to become consumer disciples.  Disciples who are interested in what we “get out of church” to the point of not really putting anything into church.  We attend as long as the music suits our taste, as long as the preacher is interesting and entertaining, as long as the kid’s program keeps them occupied for an hour or two.

Too often it is easy to sit and “enjoy” church without giving thought the service required of a disciple.

20141004_081347At Lakeview we have found a way for 20-30 people to provide an outreach and service opportunity for members and non-members both.

It started with a few families swapping hand-me-down clothes.

What can you do to provide Christian service to someone in your community.  What opportunity is there to give that “cup of water” in the name of Jesus?

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