Quite awhile ago someone you probably wouldn’t know but who was a “big name” in my world and circle decided to end his struggle and identify as the woman that he has always felt he was over the past 60 plus years.

He seemed shocked that his friends, business associates, colleagues and admirers were not happy.

He seemed shocked that his family struggled with it.

He seemed shocked that the world in which he had influence didn’t embrace him/her fully.

Moving in on a year later he still struggles but is beginning to understand that when he says “I’m still the same person” that it is inherently false. He is not the person we knew. Socially, emotionally, or physically. He doesn’t look or act the same. She/ He says life is calmer. I read underlying anger in much of what he/she writes.

Bruce decides he is Caitlyn and then goes with an objectifiying photo that is designed to be extremely sexual and women don’t react well — go figure.

In the wake of both these events I joked with a friend (black) that despite my genetic heritage of European whiteness — I felt it was time to “self-identify” as the black man I have always known was trapped inside.

A few days later he emails the story of Rachael Dolezal.  I thought I was being innovative!

Humanism.  Humanist.  There is no God — Man is the current highest form of evolution.

How’s that working out for you?

Taking God out of the equation and deciding that we have the final say over who or what we are — claiming that “self-identifying” is the best way to get through this life can only lead down a scary path.  cat_lion

In recent months we see a glimpse of that path.

The Gay marriage debate claims you cannot help who you love and there should be no discrimination about who a person can marry.

Does that mean I can now self-identify as a pedophile? And since I cannot resist loving little girls (or boys) I should not be discriminated against for wanting to marry a 10 year old?

I can now self-identify as someone who is a “cat person”.  Shouldn’t I be allowed to marry my cat?

The path is even scarier than we can imagine.  The mind ruled by evil is beyond our comprehension.

Genetics (God-created) don’t lie.  I sympathize with and pray for your struggle — but God created men and women.  They are different.

I’m white.  My buddy is black.  He will never know fully the feeling of being a white preacher in a church nestled firmly in the heart of South Africa.  One of two white men in a 50 mile radius.

Likewise I can never fully know the inherent fear that lingers when he drives his Mercedes late at night through my predominantly neighborhood.

We all struggle with things inside us.  God made us.  Evil has corrupted us.  Therefore we struggle. I cannot “fix” things on my own. It requires a supernatural event – a grace event. It requires continually clinging to that event and process.

Apart from God it is very scary and hopeless.  Through Grace God welcomes us back into a journey that seeks to right these wrongs.

Both have their ugly moments.  One has Hope.  The other leads to death.

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