Saying “No”

Here is a re-post. I have to say “no” to writing new material just now due to family illness. Aging parent currently takes n priority.

In one of Michael Hyatt’s recent podcasts he noted that highly successful people have learned the art of saying no to things that might distract them from other more vital tasks.

His exact words:  “In order to say ‘No’, you have to be committed to a bigger ‘Yes’.”

say noIn terms of being a successful disciple that same principle holds true.

Lots of things may be good.  But are they the best?

Lots of things are bad for us.  But how do we resist?

I think part of the answer is keeping the heart tuned to the “greater yes”.

Seek first the kingdom…..

Have a long view of where we intend to be spiritually can be a huge factor in moving away from those things which are detrimental or a best — distracting.

Nehemiah told his critics he couldn’t meet with them because he was “doing a great work and couldn’t come down” (from up on the wall).

The bigger yes.   I recently turned down a short – term mission opportunity.   I really wanted to go.  It was a trip I had made before and I absolutely love the people,  the area, and the work.

But we are planting a new church.  The timing is not right.  It is better to say no — for now — and remain focused on the larger “yes”.

In one context Paul prayed that his readers would have depth of insight to discern what was best (implying some things are good, or even better).

Discerning what is best returns a larger harvest — has a great kingdom impact.

Is there something looming in your background that requires a resounding “NO” in order to make a much larger and significant “YES!” a reality?


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