The past couple months have been very hectic.  I have about 5 days a week where I leave the house at 3:00 AM and typically don’t return until 3:00 or 4:00 PM.  That day includes as much as 2 hours driving time.  busy

After I get home I have various chores to deal with beyond the typical since my wife has a broken ankle and is limited in some of her movements.

Church, Work, Grandkids, Aging parents, housework …..  all combining to make for some very busy days.

Normally you’d expect the weekend to be a different story.  Unfortunately the past few weekends have not been relaxing.  Not as busy as the weekdays, but still very busy.

None of this is meant to be complaining.  Just wanted to set the stage for what I experienced that past Sunday.

We left after church for Pennsylvania to visit with some dear friends.  The entire day was a very different day for me.

I didn’t drive.  I didn’t have any responsibilities.  I simply walked in the house — sat down — shared in an afternoon and evening of stories, laughter, food, and fun.

restIt was a Sabbath.

It was the way God designed us to be.

One day a week we are to stop worrying and striving and are to simple trust God is taking care of things and enjoy the fellowship of people He has placed in our lives.

Riding home that evening I reflected on how refreshing it had been.  I realized things had to change.  I thought about the fact that these people were dear friends because our lifestyle when we lived in PA was less hectic — much more relaxed.  We took time for such slow afternoons.

We need those times for friendship to grow properly.  Relationships mature in those relaxed times of personal involvement in each others’ lives.

God commanded His people to have a day of rest.  The orthodox Jew begins there evening with a time of rest and fellowship — the day is a time to work — and the cycle repeats with the 7th day (Sabbath) being a time to cease worrying and trust God.  Hug the kids and trust God.  Talk with your wife and trust God.  Laugh with your friends and trust God.

We all should resolve to spend a day each week being no one else other than parent, spouse and friend.  Fellowship and Fun.


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