knock over a 7_11When I read this quote from “How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training” by Michael Cheshire – I was at a very low point.
Not “head in the oven low” — but definitely not a my best.
I had run out of steam:
  • in ministry
  • at work
  • healthwise
““Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion, or it will be killed. Every morning , a lion wakes up. And it knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle, or it will starve to death. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are a lion or a gazelle … when the sun comes up, baby, you’d better be running.””

My first reaction was “I cannot run.  I can barely walk.  Crawl has challenges….”

I kept coming back to it, however, and decided that if nothing else I could use the time for some serious reading and “reflection”.

For the disciple even down time has potential.  I caught up on several books that were started and not finished.

I made some important “to do” lists.
I made a “what if” list.
Had some serious time to pray and reflect.
Don’t let Satan paralyze you into a state of inactivity.   If your mind is working — use it.
Read / Reflect / Study / Pray / Dream……
Run — even if it is only slowly…..s

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